Creative Fall Arrest System


The purpose of  CREATIVE vertical lifeline is to control serious risks of people falling from towers during installations or maintenance.

The CREATIVE vertical lifeline can only be used when combined with and linked up to a full fall arrester harness. The device should serve as a system to prevent or stop any falls from a height in conformity with the applicable safety standards and regulations.


CREATIVE vertical lifeline system is composed of wire rope, shock absorber and related accessories, which is is personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height. The system includes a wire rope along the direction of the user’s movement and a fixed anchoring device mounted on the climbing ladder. Special anti-drop device (cable self-locking device) must be connected in the right direction above the wire rope for use. The system meets the requirements of EN353 standard.

CREATIVE vertical Lifeline System can provide the following versions, installed in Standard straight climbing ladder

The shock absorber is installed at the top of the vertical lifeline system to attract impact energy when a fall occurs.

Component description

The following is the description of each part of the system, the detailed configuration list and quantity, which is based on the actual configuration.

1、 Upper fixing bracket

2、 Lower fixing bracket and tensioning device

3、 Shock absorber

4、 Cable guide

5、 Fall arrester

6、 Cable for lifeline  ( Galvanished /Stainless steel)

7、 Cable grips

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