Creative Frangible Mast and Poles

Creative Frangible Mast  constructed using Fibre Glass materails  and meets Annex 14 &ICAO Part 6 Frangibility criteria  & FAA compliance



  • Airport Lighting
  • Weather Instruments
  • Glide Path Antenna


  • Meets Annex 14&ICAO Part 6 Frangibility criteria  & FAA compliance
  • Full scale impact tested as per ICAO’s Frangibility requrements


  • Light Weight
  • Strong
  • Self- standing
  • Low Foundation cost
  • Electromagnetic Transparent
  • Easy & Fast to Install
  • Tilt-able from Base & Mid Height
  • All Weather Resistant
  • Available in custom Heights
  • Externally or Internally Illuminated Wind Cone Masts


For further information, inquires and customized design solution for Frangible Mast & Poles supporting structures please contact Creative Engineering & Communications.