Creative Self Supporting Tower

Creative 3 or 4 legged  Self Telecommunications Tower  caters for heights up to 200m  constructed either from Angles or Pipes using Mild steel and High Tensile materials for Main legs and Tower members


Self Supporting Tower. 

Standards Antenna Supporting Structure Designs:
The rapidly growing and increasingly competitive Telecommunications,  and wireless Communication Industries requite fast, flexible and cost efficient infrastructure project implementations. Creative  can meet those demands allow Operators to gain revenues early on and reduced internal cost overheads.

CREATIVE ENGINEERING & COMMUNICATIONS PTE LTD addresses these market demands by Introducing standardized antenna supporting structures, thereby guaranteeing short design phases. This approach consequently ensures minimum lead times from the initial order to the actual of project implementations

Type of Standard Antenna Supporting:
3 or 4 legged Telecommunications Tower constructed either from Angles or Pipes using Mild steel and High Tensile materials for Main legs and Tower members

Design Wind Speed: 120- 250km/hr
Custom design to Client requirement

Design Criteria Standard :
The design criteria are based on an extensive research on most common antenna supporting structures fulfilling the majority of technical specifications and requirements of telecommunications applications

International Design Standards and Codes such as (BS 8100,EIA/TIA -222G) are used.

Antenna Design Loading:
Custom design to Client requirement

Final Materials Finishes
Hot dipped Galvanised to BS729 or ASTM 123 standards

Bolts and Nuts.
All the connections in the field shall be made with galvanized Grade 8.8 steel bolts, each fitted with one spring washer.


Generally light duty towers  have external ladders or ladders are built in the face while heavy duty towers have internal ladders

Safety Climb
With new OH&S standards, where practical, riggers now have to be attached at all times. Creative stock a full range of fall arrest systems. The safety device incorporates a steel cable, which is installed on the climbing structure. Riggers equipped with a harness and with sliding sleeve ascend the structure while constantly attached to the cable.

Feeder Brackets
Towers  generally have feeder brackets which secure the cables running up to the equipment on the structure. Depending on the number of cables that need to be run another set of feeder brackets can be added to another leg or even on the outside of the structure.

Cable Tray
Cable trays have a similar purpose to feeder brackets. A cable tray can be run vertically the whole way up the structure; however it is more commonly used to support and secure cables from the lower part of the structure horizontally to the equipment shelter.

Lightning Protection
A lightning finial is used at the top of the structure which under normally conditions would be struck by a lightning hit instead of equipment fitted to structure.

Our standard earthing kit comprises of a galvanised steel 3m strap attached to the structure which is connected to a 1m stake in the ground.

Platforms can be supplied are:

  • Work Platforms
  • Rest Platforms
  • Lookout Platforms

Antenna mounts
Antenna mounts can be supplied for:

  • Microwave antennas
  • GSM mobile antennas
  • Small miscellaneous antennas

We can also design and fabricate custom mounts to suit your requirements.

They can be a simple frame, have a floor, have handrails or even be panned ; it just depends on your proposed quantity of antennas required and the directions that the proposed equipment needs to be facing. Headframes can be fitted at any height and come in a variety of designs.

  • Triangular
  • Circular
  • Square
  • Special Design

Aircraft Warning Lights
Where required, Creative structures can be fitted with aircraft warning lights to comply with all relevant airport control authority requirements.

These include:

  • Single & Twin Lights – led Low Intensity
  • Beacon Lights – Led Medium Intensity
  • Strobe Lights – Led High Intensity
  • Photo Cells
  • Power Cables

Anti Climb
An anti climb device is a barrier around the base of the structure that fends off the general public from climbing up the structure.

For Further information, inquires and customized design solutions for antenna supporting structures please contact Creative Engineering & Communications .